Sunday and Monday Morning

On Sundays, no trips are scheduled. It’s a day of rest and relaxation. This sounds as if we just sit arounde and do nothing. Nothing is farther from the truth.

We were awakened at 6:30, one hour later. No music thankfully. I got a load of wash in before breakfast. After breakfast, I went to the tech center because my laptop was not connecting to the internet. Neither were the computers in the tech center. They had some sort of fire wall problem which was later fixed. I also learned how to use a treadmill.

Then it was time for a meeting. We learned about the new gentle leaders, a flexi line and put rough weather booties on our dogs. One of the other class members and I were on the floor with our labs who were rolling around, wondering what these items were. We all got to laughing. We all hope the first couple of mornings we think we need to use these that we have plenty of time to suit up.

Afterwards, another class member and I went out onto the leisure path. It’s a third of a mile long and makes a loop through some of the 60 acres of the Seeing Eye property. We went around twice, each of us taking the lead for one trip.

Then it was time for Sunday dinner at 1 p.m. After that I had a 60-minute massage. Lots of tight places.

3 p.m. I tried to take a nap. My instructor wantede to do obedience. I turned her away. A class member checked in. I did the same.

There was Elwood’s dinner and park, my dinner and a run to put the last load of wash in, a hasty reading for yet another meeting, upstairs for the meeting itself, back downstairs for the wash, back outside for park, and then back to look in on a classmate who was not feeling well.

I was given some more information about Elwood. He was born January 8, 2005. He is 22 inches tall and weighs 60.7 pounds. This makes him about Caitlin’s size when I first got her but he seems smaller. You can judge. Caitlin wieghed about 76 pounds when she died.

Today we are going to learn a new route and do it solo on Wednesday.

Mr. Elwood has expressed interest in my laptop this morning. He is beginning to recognize that my attention to it is inattention to him. He is also starting to take my hands off the keyboard.

3 replies on “Sunday and Monday Morning”

rising and courage.

yeah, it does take a great deal of courage for some of us. despite having a relationship with THE CHRIST, JESUS, under the veil of chronic depression, it was ALWAYS a struggle. now that my life specifically and that of my family’s is more “on the path”, it is with joyful courage that i arise each day~ ready to face and embrace all that is out there for us! were it not for people like you, merrill, i may not have ever known that. true. thanks be to GOD… susan


I think the taking off of the hands bit is ingrained in Labs. After all, if you are doing that you are ignoring him and he is the most important thing in the world – who would feed him if you weren’t around? You have to get your priorities in order. I don’t understand the booties – the Huskies doing the Iditarod have them, but they are dealing with some wicked conditions, which I don’t think your group will encounter. Dad


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