Elwood and I had our solo today.

We were second of two so we sat in the van for a time. Elwood jumped into my lap, all cuddly. I’m learning that he is a sneak and a cheat so don’t play poker with him! Licking my face also means an opportunity looking out the side and back windows of the van.

It is a gorgeous day here. The storm came through quickly last night. By the time I got outside for our solo walk, I could open my light winter coat. The sun is out.

We had a very successful trip. Elwood pulled well. I understand he took advantage of me. Remember, Elwood is a cheat and a sneak. I thought we had a tight place by a tree. We didn’t. Elwood just wanted to sniff. He also did some air scenting and slipped under a flag which brushed the top of my hair. I caught him at taking a shortcut through a gravel area with trees and made him do it right. Otherwise, he was great.

He is tired though. He laid down on the van floor after coming in up and over my lap.

Getting out of the van, I slipped and sat down hard.. Elwood bounced out of the van so we had to do it all over again correctly.

He’s been quiet. We don’t have a trip scheduled until Monday morning though we can take a turn arounde the leisure path this afternoon and tomorrow which will be very nice. The leisure path was closed due to snow cover when I was here last so this is a welcome treat.

We also have to do laundry and get some serious writing done.

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dog vs. cane

wow! you bring such new perspective and insight to your situation. i never really pondered the differences that there must be! before my grandmother passed, merrill, she was blind(legally), YET could sense/ see certain people’s silhouette. you answer questions i have even before i think to ask you! i’m so pleased we’re friends! susan


Glad you had a better day today. It seems Labs perform well when they want or have to, but will try to get away with things when it doesn’t matter. This is what makes them fun. Has Elwood’s sense of humor shown up yet? Or is that part of the cheat and sneak personality?


This morning Dad & I went to the annual Christmas Parade that takes place on the Duke of Glouster St. No traffic there anytime. It had the most dogs we have ever seen in a parade. Not only were all the dog clubs out in force but the Humane society too. Then others just brought their dogs to the parade or if they were honorees had them with them in the cars. Many dogs were in costume &/or pulled small carts with gift wrapped boxes or stuffed animals. The parade went on for a full hour. Many of the churches had floats with children. It reminded mw of Brooklyn years ago when we celebrated “Anniversary Day” which was the Anniversary of Protestant Sunday Schools. Schools were even closed. Now it has just become “Brooklyn Day” so schools can still close.
Glad to know Elwood has decided you are a friend. After all you know the adage–the way to a man’s heart…..
the weather today is comfortable so Dad is putting some lights outside.
People here start early but not as early as the part of PA. we rode thru after leaving you at the airport. They must have started decorating for Christmas right after Halloween.
Enjoy the updated.
Love Mother


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