Life Here

We are awakened at 5:30 a.m. over an intercom in our rooms. Then it’s hurry, hurry, hurry. Go to the bathroom. Get some clothes on. In the middle of
this, someone comes with your dog’s food. Add water. Give it to your dog. Elwood dives at the dish and is eating in mid air. My instructor said I should make him sit–he’ll
do that, then wait to be told he can eat when I put down the bowl. I can put down the bowl, but then, charge!

Meanwhile, I am finishing getting dressed enough to go outside and filling his water bowl with 3 cups of water. At this point, his input is regulated.
In the kennels, the dogs relieve whenever they feel the need. They have been housebroken in their puppy families, but may need a review.

Then it’s off to park, often on a dead run. Elwood seems to be getting into a better routine with his body so maybe the initial stress is wearing off.
He was a tad constipated.

Right now we are waiting for people breakfast at 7.

Today we will go on two more trips along a residential street. We’ve been told we will have our first traffic check this afternoon–a staff driven
car will be in a driveway across the sidewalk. There will be more of these later.

Last night we had a presentation of dog fears. Earlier, there was one on correcting your dog. These take about an hour. We also have to groom our dogs
at least once a day. There is down time, but it is in small increments.

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Congrats on getting your blog up and running. Great sermon on a tough text. I liked the image of Jesus as our mapquest!
-Eric Williams


Pastor ML @starbase cafe

merrill! the YOU that i’ve come to know and cherish shines thru in this blog! God bless you and caitlin! love, susan


Re: Pastor ML @starbase cafe

I like Pastor ML. I’ve always thought it is funny that my initials and Martin Luther’s–the 16th-century reformer, not the American Baptist civil rights leader–could be the same. Come to think of it, it may be prophetic that M. L. King, Jr.’s initials are the same, too since I went from being Lutheran to American Baptist. Just some morning silliness on my part I guess.



Well, Merrill, you certainly said it better than I did! I left my Rector feeling as though I think anybody can believe anything they want or nothing at all and still get to God. I was really trying to say that the message in John is to US, those of us who believe in Him and we shouldn’t try to out guess God as to who will be “in” and who will be “out”. WE will be in if we follow his Way, his roadmap. Who knows what God has in store for anyone else? Sandra


Re: Message

The Baptist distinctive of soul freedom holds that each person is responsible for their own relationship with God. That puts God and the individual on the spot so far as their relationship. I see my role as preacher as application more than conversion. After all, we’re usually preaching to the converted. We need the gospel because we lose our faith every day and need to find it again. Fortunately, the Spirit is ready and willing to step in. I think this is where autobiography is so helpful.

Further, I’m believing more and more that the Bible shares with us people’s experiences of and with God. Their experiences help us understand our own, and we need our own to make our relationship with God vibrant and meaningful in our lives right here, right now.


Elwood today

Sounds like he is getting used to being with you.
Do you have a big class? Is it different from the first time around? I guess they haven’t changed the early morning wakeups or all the other regiments.
Looking forward to more blogs.



Can’t wait to meet Elwood. Sounds like an interesting time for you both. Hope things continue to go smoothly for you. See you soon.


Mother here.
Really happy for you. A yellow Lab will stand out. Also glad to see the mood is a happy one.

Be impressed I am writing this independently & have never replied to a Blog before.

Keep all the daily news coming

As always Much Love


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