Faith Matters

Connections to Long Ago Worshippers

This is amazing. We are now able to hear what chanting sounded like when Christians worshipped at Hagia Sophia, in Constantinople before the Ottomans conquered the city in 1453. The Hagai Sophia (Holy Wisdom) then became a mosque. It is now a museum. It is not the sound of God speaking. When I heard my Old Testament professor read the opening of Genesis in Hebrew, I had a sense of that. This though is definitely unworldly. It is also a way to connect with the people with whom I share a faith tradition. Listen: The Sound Of The Hagia Sophia, More Than 500 Years Ago : NPR You can listen on Spotify here


Introducing Star Runner

Author’s Note

In digging through my files about my novella, I came across this piece. Our protagonist introduces themself.

I Introduce Myself

I am Star Runner, a fuchsia-colored Pantheran, an independent carrier on the Northern Frontier. I am working out of Dirty World Station. I do not put together the cargoes I transport. I simply take them from one place to another. Being a star runner, that is what I know how to do: operate my ride. I know many of my cargoes contain illegal or stolen goods. That is not my concern. Operating as I do on the Northern Frontier and working out of Dirty Worlzd Station, it is not the concern of anybody else here either. My responsibility is to transport the good safely and quickly and receive payment for my work. I have built up a reputation for doing just this on the Northern Frontier in a very short space of time. This is due largely to two very important factors:

  1. As a star runner, I can withstand very high G-forces and so I can travel very quickly in normal space.
  2. As a star runner, I can also determine for myself when and where to enter Mother Space and I can find my way out of Mother Space near my intended destination. This is partially a result of my genetic engineering. It is also an ability I have developed.

But I think I have told you enough about myself for the time-being. I think you will want to hear the story I have to tell in this, my first recorded adventure.

Definitions Are in Order

  1. Star runner
  2. Pantheran
  3. Northern Frontier
  4. Dirty World Station
  5. Mother Space

All of this needs to be worked into the narrative. For now I will work on short descriptions which I will post here and see how I can use them.


Recipe for Disaster

I am doing two things at once which is always a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless I will do it anyway.

  1. Learn how to use Ulysses. I have been jumping from my Mac to my iPhone and back again while mixing in my iPad.
  2. Revise my novel using Ulysses.

It is becoming clear to me that I need to stick with one form factor until I feel more comfortable with Ulysses.

  • I am more comfortable with iOS than I am with my Mac.
  • I have a smart keyboard with my iPad so I can type just as well on it as I can on my Macbook’s first generation butterfly keyboard. (Why did I think that would be a better choice than the Air when I purchased that machine in early 2016? I think it was how it looked. The Air even then looked clunky.)
  • My iPad is always available to me and never gets put away.
  • Although all my machines are portable enough, the iPad folds up with its keyboard.
  • There is sufficient support on the iPad for VoiceOver. I just need to know when to use the keyboard and when to touch the screen.
  • And did I mention, I need to learn how to use the app?

Finally, I need to learn how to think about my novella as scenes rather than as a total conglomeration of words in one file. I hope this will make it easier for me to think about the action as representing beats and their accompanying word counts.


Lake Michigan At Record Water Levels » Urban Milwaukee

I hadn’t realized this is true but I should have as there has been significant flooding this winter. Snow comes and then melts. Rain falls. More snow on the way today. The water will be high when we go to Door County in May. The resort sits on the bay as well as the beach the kids like to play on and go into the freezing cold water.
Lake Michigan At Record Water Levels » Urban Milwaukee


Novella Length

Unless I am mistaken, my novel is really a novella. Nanowrimohas decreed that the novella will be 50,000 words long. As I am writing in the speculative fiction field, novellas appear to run between 17500-40000 words. So I have set myself the goal of 39999 words.

At present, my novella is north of 43000 words. This means I will not only need to trim 3000 words (which shouldn’t be difficult) but I will also need to think carefully as I reshape it.

Given that this is not likely to be a block buster and may only appear as an ebook, the word count is not nearly as critical as all that, but I am using it as an opportunity to work on my craft within these restraints. “Rules” sometimes have their place in suggesting what is necessary and what is simply fluff.

guide dogs

A Nice Walk

Nick and I finally got out on a walk today. We found a large puddle but otherwise the sidewalks were clear. We didn’t go far, only up to 5th and back. Nick had trouble with a dog distraction but otherwise kept his sniffing down. There is a portion of the walk where he stops a lot. I am not sure if it is because he knows we are coming back or whether I stopped in these places to check my GPS or tie my shoe on former walks.

Several days ago the weather was in the single digits and the wind chill well below 0F. The ice was very slippery. Today was 50F. Snow on the way Tuesday and Wednesday. Maybe we can get a couple more walks in before that happens.


Spanish Chick Peas

This looks good to me and straight forward to prepare. Spanish Chickpeas with Spinach – Recipes | Goya Foods

Spanish Chickpeas with Spinach – Recipes | Goya Foods


Recycling Woes

I have suspected for some time that my careful recycling of home items is not very helpful. Now I am sure of it. Low prices drive Wisconsin recyclers to send more to the landfill – Wisconsin Examiner



Leftover Cornbread

I came across this when I was looking to find out what to do with leftover cornbread. This recipe has nothing to do with cornbread. I was just trying to understand what the word migas Was. My daughter-in-law says this blogger has very decadent food. The recipe does call for lots of half and half. It makes for too much for one person. The method might be useful however. Migas | The Pioneer Woman

Migas | The Pioneer Woman


Faith Matters

February 11

Oh, how good and pleasant it is,
when brethren live together in unity!

It is like fine oil upon the head
that runs down upon the beard,

Upon the beard of Aaron,
and runs down upon the collar of his robe.

It is like the dew of Hermon
that falls upon the hills of Zion.

For there the Lord has ordained the blessing:
life for evermore.

Psalm 133

Of course this is very gender specific but if I set this aside, this psalm celebrates community. My Old Testament prof thought it was the best psalm ever.