Faith Matters

Jogging with Nick

Today the weather was warm enough and dry enough for a walk. Nick and I had started out and then I received an important phone call. I stood in the chilly shade and had my call while Nick whined, anxious to be on our way. He turned left when we reached the street but I said, “Right.” I rarely say “Right,” so Nick was excited to go in this direction. He began jogging down the street. When we reached the corner, I said “Right,” again only to discover that the sidewalk was gone.

Well, that wouldn’t do at all. My plan was to turn around, go back past our building and walk that way. Nick was having none of this. He was afraid we would end the walk so he settled himself in the crosswalk.

“Okay,” I thought, “we’ll go this way.”

After crossing the street, Nick thought we would go straight to another crosswalk, but I said, “Left,” and we were off. Two blocks, past our building on the other side of the street, and to another corner. I planned to continue straight but Nick wanted to turn so turn we did.

We had to negotiate our next turn. While we were doing this, a trucker watched carefully from the multi-lane street, only accelerating when we crossed the side street.

Another two blocks and a turn down a steep hill. Nick was still jogging. I wondered about keeping my feet. Would there be a moment when I was in the air, flying down the hill?

We crossed our street and then two blocks more, turned and another two blocks, turned back to our street and almost three blocks until home. Nick slowed down some when he knew he was on the homeward end of the walk, but we had walked far enough that he was satisfied.

This seems like a good route for us. It has possibilities to be extended and can be shortened if need be.