Recipe for Disaster

I am doing two things at once which is always a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless I will do it anyway.

  1. Learn how to use Ulysses. I have been jumping from my Mac to my iPhone and back again while mixing in my iPad.
  2. Revise my novel using Ulysses.

It is becoming clear to me that I need to stick with one form factor until I feel more comfortable with Ulysses.

  • I am more comfortable with iOS than I am with my Mac.
  • I have a smart keyboard with my iPad so I can type just as well on it as I can on my Macbook’s first generation butterfly keyboard. (Why did I think that would be a better choice than the Air when I purchased that machine in early 2016? I think it was how it looked. The Air even then looked clunky.)
  • My iPad is always available to me and never gets put away.
  • Although all my machines are portable enough, the iPad folds up with its keyboard.
  • There is sufficient support on the iPad for VoiceOver. I just need to know when to use the keyboard and when to touch the screen.
  • And did I mention, I need to learn how to use the app?

Finally, I need to learn how to think about my novella as scenes rather than as a total conglomeration of words in one file. I hope this will make it easier for me to think about the action as representing beats and their accompanying word counts.