Introducing Star Runner

Author’s Note

In digging through my files about my novella, I came across this piece. Our protagonist introduces themself.

I Introduce Myself

I am Star Runner, a fuchsia-colored Pantheran, an independent carrier on the Northern Frontier. I am working out of Dirty World Station. I do not put together the cargoes I transport. I simply take them from one place to another. Being a star runner, that is what I know how to do: operate my ride. I know many of my cargoes contain illegal or stolen goods. That is not my concern. Operating as I do on the Northern Frontier and working out of Dirty Worlzd Station, it is not the concern of anybody else here either. My responsibility is to transport the good safely and quickly and receive payment for my work. I have built up a reputation for doing just this on the Northern Frontier in a very short space of time. This is due largely to two very important factors:

  1. As a star runner, I can withstand very high G-forces and so I can travel very quickly in normal space.
  2. As a star runner, I can also determine for myself when and where to enter Mother Space and I can find my way out of Mother Space near my intended destination. This is partially a result of my genetic engineering. It is also an ability I have developed.

But I think I have told you enough about myself for the time-being. I think you will want to hear the story I have to tell in this, my first recorded adventure.

Definitions Are in Order

  1. Star runner
  2. Pantheran
  3. Northern Frontier
  4. Dirty World Station
  5. Mother Space

All of this needs to be worked into the narrative. For now I will work on short descriptions which I will post here and see how I can use them.