Novella Length

Unless I am mistaken, my novel is really a novella. Nanowrimohas decreed that the novella will be 50,000 words long. As I am writing in the speculative fiction field, novellas appear to run between 17500-40000 words. So I have set myself the goal of 39999 words.

At present, my novella is north of 43000 words. This means I will not only need to trim 3000 words (which shouldn’t be difficult) but I will also need to think carefully as I reshape it.

Given that this is not likely to be a block buster and may only appear as an ebook, the word count is not nearly as critical as all that, but I am using it as an opportunity to work on my craft within these restraints. “Rules” sometimes have their place in suggesting what is necessary and what is simply fluff.