Star Runner’s First Appearance

In November, 2006 I wanted to participate in [Nanowrimo] but I was leaving for the [Seeing Eye] at the end of the. Month and I knew I would be busy at the most critical time. I was disappointed. During the winter I decided to write the novel as if I were in a Nanowrimo style setting. I got much farther than I would have expected, but I never finished the novel. When Nanorimo rolled around again, I was ready to participate and I wrote the second novel in the series. Whenever I have participated, I have continued the series in one way or another but repeated attempts to finish the first novel have failed. I haven’t figured out how to edit and revamp future writing with the first book unfinished and not even ready for sharing on the web.

In his Rumpole series, John Mortimer always referred back to a particular case which Rumpole solved at the beginning of his career when he was an up and coming barrister. Before he died, Mortimer published Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders to tell us what exactly happened. The book was a disappointment. This could be attributed to Mortimer, but I think it is more about my imagination and Rumpole’s exaggeration of his brilliance. I have taken this experience of reading as a cautionary tale.

And so I am considering revisiting my first Star Runner book. I have done this several times in the past 14 (Can it really be 14 years ago that I started this project?) but I have never gotten much further than the first chapter or two. But I am thinking that if I don’t get it done soon, it will never be done and nor will any of my other writing ever get a second look. The happy thought is that the digital era means a certain number of words is not required. The book will be as long as it needs to be and no longer.

In thinking back on the story, I am amazed that I even managed a subplot. There is a main story line about Star’s involvement with the FRONT and then there is Star’s friendship with Tamara. It is Tamara, I think, who makes another draft worthwhile.