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February 2

Psalm 24

This has been my favorite psalm since I was a girl. I have no idea how I learned it in some halting way. I’m not that good at memorization. I do not have an identic memory. I only remember partially.

The mystery to me is how I learned it enough. My mother’s voice sounds in my mind. We did not read the Bible. Perhaps I heard it in school? I went to public school when the Bible was still read every morning. It is why I know the Lord’s Prayer. I learned it there. We usually read the psalms so perhaps it was read frequently.

It was the King James or Revised Standard. The language was so ccaptivating. The question of who and what this who would be like. The vastness of making the earth and the wonder of establishing it on the floods. The gates were not as interesting, but the procession was.

It still thrills.