Morning People

I have never been a morning person. I can get up. I can do what is necessary, however, I am not a morning person.

Today I was awakened at 5:30 a.m. with Frank Sanatra singing about coffee in Brazil. A bit jarring. Big band orchestration but not a young Sanatra singing. I stagger out of bed and start looking for clothes. The instructor arrives with food and with instructions.


“Here’s a heart guard pill. Take it from your shoulder down to your dog and tell him ‘Take it.'”

Something new at 5:30 am?

My responses must have been genetic. II sounded just like my mother in the morning. I usually don’t sound like her, but in the morning …

Well, she’ll have to come and search the floor. I dropped the pill while trying to give it to a very excited dog.

Note to self: Be more firm with Elwood. He can obey even before breakfast. We have different mothers.

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Sinatra and instructions before coffee? There’s something the Seeing Eye could change………Good thing Elwood doesn’t need coffee.


The bright side of being awakened at 5:30 is that you are in NJ. If you were in Jamestown you would be looking at 2-4 inches of snow today and snow showers all next week. That’s not even a fair exchange – a new Lab in snow could be a disaster.




Hi Merrill,
It’s Mary Krahn. I’ve been keeping up with your news and am happy to be getting to know Elwood this way. (I will always think of him as an energetic young male who jumps in your lap to kiss you, as in the first posting…). It sure does sound exhausting. 5:30 a.m. every day would do me in! I hope the day brightens up and look forward to meeting Elwood sometime soon when you get back.
Peace to you both!


When you were in High School & had to get an early bus I always got up to make your breakfast. Of course I also was able to junp back in to bed before I did breakfast for the others an option you do not have now.
Assume Elwood came from an E litter & as I wrote Gail I am glad he was not called Eric. Elwood is not on the most popular name list & that is good.
Hang in
Love Mother


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