Difficult Day

A difficult day today. It was rainy in the morning and it was warm. Came back drenched–Elwood, too. I was paired up with one student in the A.M. and paired up with a different student this afternoon. It was so dark and the sidewalks were crowded by 3 p.m.

Elwood worked well avoiding most obstacles and being careful in tight places, however, he wasn’t pulling. I’m working with the instructor and the class supervisor. We’ll see how Elwood does tomorrow at our test and at the beginning of the week with a day and a half of rest. It’s worrisome. Pray for restorative rest and good work habits.

2 replies on “Difficult Day”

It has only been less than a week, don’t panic. I realize there are only two weeks left but things have a way of coming together.
Did anyone find the heart pill? Maybe all Elwood needs is some colder weather. Dad


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