South Street Route

Today we started a new route. It’s called the South Street Route because it does have four blocks of South Street along the square as one part of it. Morristown is under construction. They are adding lamp posts in the center of the wide sidewalk. Also the department store Epstene’s is being torn down and a new development will go in there. Part of it will be a parking garage where the Seeing Eye vans can park and a new lounge. The lounge has places for the dog to stay and people. I can’t tell you anything about it because I’ve never been there. For one reason or another it has been closed when I have trained.

Along the route today we had a traffic check. I screwed up so we had another one–a car pulling in front of us in a driveway. We also had an unplanned check–a quiet car came out of nowhere in front of us while crossing a street.

We also delt with clearance issues. A barrier of cones had been set up. Elwood had to squeeze around between them and some bushes. Later, he went too close to some bushes so we had to rework that. We also had numerous distractions–some planned and some not. Elwood did OK on some and not so well on others. That goes for me, too.

We’ve added an extra park time for Elwood before our afternoon trip. Relieving is a major topic of conversation here and we spend a great deal of time concentrating on it. Tonight we began touching our dogs.

Elwood’s harness has been temporarily modified so we can get a better feel for one another. This makes a big difference when we walk together. He pulls better and I can do my part of keeping the tention.

This afternoon Elwood thought about escaping from the van. I didn’t have a tight hold on him so I dived across the back of the van to grab him.

Today we worked without any jackets it was so warm. I understand this will change Friday.

My massage this afternoon was very nice. She worked on my calves which have been worked hard. I have a longer appointment Sunday afternoon.

Well 5:30 AM comes around quickly. Not only do I have to get up, I have to feed the dog, get dressed, get harnessed up and get outside which includes a nasty set of stairs.

My spy thriller also awaits.

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